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Our MOTO: No one gets left behind!

The founder, Emma Teede has been coaching and operating since 1990. The Darra site was created in 2017.

Our goal is to provide a fitness service for all ages and for all fitness abilities. You are never too old and doesn’t matter if you haven’t exercised before.

We also want to share and educate people about ninja and grow a bigger ninja community within Australia.

We provide a range of services from Classes, Personal Training and Group bookings. Click here for more…

Address: 75 Bellwood St, next door to Australia Post Darra.

Phone: 0419 529 777

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Founder & Primary Coach

Emma Teede aka Australian Wonder Women

Born: 1976

Nickname: Australian Wonder Women


  • Australian Ninja Warrior (S1 & S2)
  • Personal Trainer since 1997
  • Coach since 1997
  • Ninja Worlds Masters Championships (1st place, 2019)
  • Australian Masters Weightlifting (1st place 2015)
  • Mother of 2
  • Herbalife Provider

Quote: “You are stronger than you believe, you have greater powers than you know”

Call today to book in your first Personal Training session with Emma on 0419 592 777

A family business since 2018

There are also family supported coaches and casual coaches.

Tayla Teede-Miller

Born: 1998 Nickname: Tails

  • Ninja Athlete
  • Coach since 2017
  • Ninja Photographer

Quote: “Every Moment Matters”

Michael Teede 

Born: 1975   Nickname: Mick

  • Coach since 2005
  • Personal Trainer
  • Mud Runner
  • Father of 2
  • Husband of Emma Teede

Quote: “What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up

Kobe Teede 

Born: 2004   Nickname: Kobe

  • Nationals, under 16yrs- 1st place
  • Athlete in Worlds- UNAA
  • Ninja Athlete
  • Coach since 2019

Quote: “Once a ninja, always a ninja” 4