Meet the coaching team who are here to help you achieve more than you though possible. Our classes, PT and group bookings cater to all ages and abilities.

Each of our coaches are carefully selected and are qualified in providing expert advice and guidance to ensure you get the most out of your training sessions with us.

Krispy Chan       Born: 1990    Nickname: Orange Ninja
  • Australian Ninja Warrior
  • Semi-Finalist
  • Ninja Coach
  • After School Sports
  • Program Coach
  • Popping Dance Instructor

Quote: “Make the moment count”

Nathan Burlinator  Born: 1983   Nickname: Burlz
  • Australian Ninja Warrior
  • Ninja Coach
  • Teacher
  • Father

Quote: Give it a burl

Parkour Coaches
Name: Kier Roddick and Vincent Dao Born: 1995 & 1996
  • Parkour Coach
  • Workshops
  • 2 Year Experience

Quote: “Get out and play hard, the world is your gym”

Tayla Teede-Miller   Born: 1998 Nickname: Tails
  • Ninja Athlete
  • Coach
  • Ninja Photographer

Quote: “Every Moment Matters”

Michael Teede       Born: 1975   Nickname: Mick
  • Ninja Coach
  • Cross Training Coach
  • General Group Fitness Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Mud Runner
  • Father of 2
  • Husband of Emma Teede

Quote: “What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up

Kobe Teede       Born: 2004   Nickname: Kobe
  • Nationals, under 16yrs- 1st place
  • Athlete in Worlds- UNAA
  • Ninja Athlete

Quote: “Once a ninja, always a ninja”